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The MADCAT workshop will be open Thursday and Friday 11-4.30pm and Sunday afternoon 2- 4.30pm at Founders Park. I usually print on Tuesday afternoon for an hour or so at Founders Park, you are welcome to call in and watch the process. Please text me and I can give you an exact time 0278289551

The full range of MADCAT skirts will continue to be at the NELSON SATURDAY MARKET 8-1pm. If raining on a Saturday, I will be at my Founders Park workshop 10-1pm.

Bridal Consultations are on Sunday afternoon.

This winter I have developed 4 new textiles. I post on Instagram as MADCATjill and facebook as MADCAT the progress of these textiles from first drawings to finished artwork. 

I also work at The Arty Gallery in Trafalgar St. 10-1pm most Tuesdays. This is where I sell my original Artwork,prints and greetings cards. they are open everyday 10-4pm 


WORK SHOP 03 5391355 /0278289551

If you want to contact me please e mail  madcatjill@gmail.com

Check out the MADCAT Facebook page and MADCATjill on instagram for winter product updates and any special offers.

To arrange a free bridal or special occasion consultation please e mail me 




check out my current interior design work - call in for lunch or a coffee at The Lambrettas Cafe in Hardy St. My previous interior design for this space design lasted 20 years, change is good! 


MADCAT design studio is situated in the old Anchor Inn at Founders Park, 87 Atawhai Drive, Nelson. The studio is home to Jill Alexander’s two labels: MADCAT hand-printed skirts and Jill Alexander Vintage-Inspired Bridal Wear (incorporating Puss Puss historically-inspired corsetry). Jill's original artwork is also available for viewing and purchase as prints, framed pieces and cards.

MADCAT design studio is the creative vision of Jill Alexander. Jill has nearly 40 years experience in the fashion industry, after being one of the youngest ever graduates from the Honours programme at the famous St. Martins School of Art in London. During her career Jill has been a designer, patterncutter and illustrator employed by a number of major fashion companies in England, and a respected fashion educator in New Zealan

MADCAT skirts can also be found at the Nelson Saturday Market in Montgomery Square car park from 8am - 1pm each Saturday, weather permitting.

The MADCAT workshop houses the large cutting and textile printing tables and machinery to make the MADCAT label skirts, exquisite Jill Alexander vintage-inspired bridal wear, wedding dresses and Puss Puss historically-inspired corsetry. You are welcome to visit the workshop to see these fabulous creations being made.

"MADCAT is my vision: after years of needing to teach drawing and fashion design I am now free to develop my own dream. I specialise in making artwork into textiles into fashion. I draw, print and make my own textiles into wearable, fashionable skirts. I also like to work on freehand embroidered textiles using the sewing machine as a fine line pen. These pieces of textile art form part of a MADCAT garment or corset." Jill Alexander, MADCAT design studio director.

Browse through the online store and select from a range of textile designs that feature my own drawings, in a range of sizes and colours.

A made-to-measure service is also available; simply email me and I will talk you through how to take your measurements. I will then cut a pattern for your body size (this incurs a one-off cost of $25) and then tailor-make your skirt for the standard skirt price. This is part of the MADCAT service.


For more information about my design work, go to: www.madcatdesign.co.nz

Our Products

MADCAT skirts and t-shirts are pieces of unique textile artwork that you will love to wear. They feature Jill Alexander’s original illustrations, hand-printed onto fabric and are both beautiful and comfortable to wear. The MADCAT skirts require little maintenance and are tailored to fit your figure. Each design is available in a range of colours and there are 2 basic shapes; flared or straight. The flared cut suits those with a fuller hip to waist measurement and the straight skirts are cut close to the hip size and suitable for wearing with longer tops.